Diet Tips – Common Weight Loss Mistakes

 The number one reason people quit their diet and exercise regimen, is because of frustration caused by cravings for good food and hours of exercise with seemingly no results. Shedding body fat is often not that easy of a task, and not everyone has the willpower needed to accomplish this. It seems like half the world is trying to lose weight, and a quarter of the world is looking for a miracle to do so.  Instead of waiting on a wonder drug or a 19.99 ab-a-ma-jiggie from an infomercial, why not take the steps needed to make things happen the right way. If you are able to avoid the following common mistakes that people make, you will find it twice as easy to lose weight effectively WHILE STAYING HEALTHY.

Best Diet Tips


Many times people misunderstand what it means to diet. A diet is not the same as fasting, you ARE supposed to eat when you are dieting. Do not deprive yourself of crucial nutrients. The purpose of dieting is not to stop eating, but to change the WAY you eat. In fact, you can even treat yourself every once in a while, but only in small amounts. It would be better for you to eat six or seven small snacks throughout the day, than to hold off from eating all day only to stuff your face at the end of the day, all in the name of a “diet”. I’m not saying to eat junk food all day either, I’m simply saying to eat small nutritious snacks throughout the day, and to drink lots of water. STAY AWAY from any form of junk food, or foods that are high in trans-fat and calories. If you eat foods that are high in calories you will have to exercise twice as hard to burn them, before they are deposited in fat cells. Don’t make things harder than they should be. That brings us to our next common mistake.


Usually when you set out on your journey to losing those extra pounds, you are told that is all about willpower, and to try your hardest. Many people take those words of advice and become way too aggressive with their exercises. Remember this golden rule: Your body needs twice as much rest as it does exercise, in order for your muscles to recuperate and build. Building muscles burns fat, if you aren’t getting enough rest, you won’t build muscle. It’s as simple as that. Combining under-eating with over-training is a recipe for disaster, you could wind up in the hospital dehydrated, hooked up to IV’s. The amount of things that could happen to you if you take your exercise too far, without the proper rest and nutrients, are to numerous to name in a single paragraph. Trust me, you don’t want to be laying on the floor with a killer cramp in your hamstring, and a monstrous headache, all because you didn’t get enough rest and didn’t eat right.

I myself have been guilty of making these mistakes, and I can tell you first hand how simple these mistakes are to make. Hopefully you will take what you have learned here and use it to make your weight loss regimen all that it can be.

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