Diet Pills – These Foreign Diet Products are Causing Major Health Issues

in the Name of “Quick” and “Easy” Weight Loss

You may have heard of the latest fad in dieting pills and supplements.  Only this time it’s a very

dangerous one that most people are completely unaware of until the damage has already been done. 

They are Brazilian Diet Pills and these seemingly harmless “all natural” diet pills are causing major

problems for people taking them.  Hint : They aren’t what they say they are, and are far from all natural.

The websites pushing these overnight sensations seemed to pop up over night on the internet, luring

people in who wanted to lose weight very quickly and easily.  Let’s take a look at how this scary diet pill that work

story first began….

A company based in Brazil began marketing an “all natural” diet pill which had recommended dosages

taken in a specific color coded set of pills to be taken in the morning and another set of coded pills to be

taken at night time.  The online sites boasted that they tailored the dosages and the specific

supplementation to your particular weight loss goals and personal situation.

The sad thing is, these pills are (or were maybe after this prints) marketed as a magic weight loss

solution, and people who tried the product did indeed see some pretty spectacular results such as quick

and/or drastic weight loss, significant increases in energy and extreme appetite suppression.

At the time this article was printed, I predicted the FDA would step in and close the operation down, and

this did end up happening.  I am not sure if there are any lingering sales materials out on the internet for

these dangerous pills.

There were actually people on forums reporting that loved ones or acquaintances had taken the

Brazilian Diet Pill and experienced drastic short-lived weight reduction, but suffered side effects such as

fainting spells, heart palpitations and even cardiac arrest, all of which were logically linked to the taking

of the these pills.

An analysis on the pills has shown trace amounts of illegal  amphetamines, as well as prescription

antidepressants and even a tranquilizer in the night time pills, to counteract the effects of the speed

you’ve taken during the day in the daytime formula, so that you can actually sleep.

These supplements were marketed as “Blended with Natural Herbs from the Rain Forest”, but in fact the

chemical analysis has shown man made and dangerous and volatile substances.

Brazilian Diet Pills Cause Serious Health Issues

My advice is, if you really want to lose weight, do it safely and stay away from the Brazilian diet products if

they are even still available anywhere – whether it be black market or wherever.  Reports have shown

some devastating problems caused by these diet products, and it’s just not worth potentially life

threatening side effects to lose weight fast – all of which, by the way will probably come back with full

vengeance once they are stopped anyways.

There are safe and very effective alternatives to this brazilian diet product fad.  Take for example

phentermine alernatives – it will take away excess appetite and help curb hunger, as well as increase

energy levels – all SAFELY!

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