Diet Tips – Lose Weight While You Sleep?

Do you feel that you need to lose weight? Well then don’t just count calories.

You might want to count sheep as well – in your sleep.

Did you know that recent studies have shown that sleep deprivation disrupts a series of crucial, weight regulating and loss processes that are directly linked to your hormones and your metabolism? Sleep deprivation, or lack of quality sleep definitely causes increased hunger and then affects the body’s metabolism, making it increasingly difficult to lose and control your weight on a consistent basis.

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This very lack of sleep, or quality snooze time, causes a hormone called cortisol (which we all have

heard of by now – the hormone directly related to fat and weight gain – especially in the tummy), which

also controls the appetite, to steal those excess calories and store them as excess body fat.

In addition, sleep loss interferes with carbohydrate metabolism which also may cause high blood

glucose levels. This causes a domino effect of higher insulin levels, which is directly linked to high

appetite, diabetes and obesity and weight gain.

The All Natural, Stimulant Free Supplement that May Help You Lose Weight While

You Sleep

Not only that but sleep deprivation can actually help to promote excessive weight gain by affecting our

behavior and decision making abilities. People that tend to get a lacking quality of sleep, or do not sleep

enough per night, have been shown to crave sweets or high carbohydrate foods which will do one thing –

got straight to the fat storage areas of your butt, hips, thighs and bellies – oh, and how about those “lunch

lady arms” ladies – we all know and LOVE them, huh? 

The product you see pictured on this page, Proactol fat binder and weight reduction supplement actually

helps you lose weight while you sleep by balancing your insulin cycles over night, and helping your body

maintain a “steady burn” all night long, while you sleep. 

Since is contains absolutely zero stimulants, it also gives your body a chance to really, fully rest, which

also prevents a host of issues as described on this page, if you don’t get enough, or don’t get quality


The foods that people who lack enough sleep or do not sleep thoroughly tend ot choose are foods like

candies, chips, and snacks that lack any real nutritional value, and only make the insulin surge and give

brief bursts of energy, only to take them away and make you tired, which means you’re bound to not have

enough energy to work out. 

See the vicious cycle? These excess empty calories then become fodder for fat storage, and they take up

residence in those previously mentioned areas that none of us like to see fat! 

These excess calories are not as easily taken off as they were to put on in the first place, we ALL know

that! When people are sleep deprived in one way or another, whether it be lack of quality or lack of actual

time, they often feel fatigues, and do not have the energy to exercise or even to just get around as much

as they normally would.

This is another part of the vicious weight gain/weight loss circle too – Exhaustion, over eating to try to gain

energy, then sabotaging that very effort by eating junk foods the body craves because of that very

exhaustion.  This can be a tough cycle to break out of, but with the help of a good “lose weight while you

sleep supplement” like the Proactol well reviewed fat loss supplement, you’re fighting more of a winning


Whatever you choose, we all know how important sleep is to our psyche, but did we ever consider it

could be so important to our weight loss, and continued maintenance of a healthy, light weight?

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