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Pure Acai Berry Certainly by now it is no secret that some fruits are much more vitamin and nutrient packed than others, and while we should all aim to get in our daily recommended servings a day if you really want to do the best for you body you should be gobbling up those acai berries or supplements containing acai berry like there’s no tomorrow.

The acai berry has virtually exploded in popularity and for good reason; each small acai berry is literally packed with antioxidants and micro-nutrients that put other fruits to shame. Just what do all of these vitamins and minerals mean for you? For starters a healthier heart and lower blood pressure, a boosted immune system, a more youthful appeal, more acute mental clarity, and much more. But what has really piqued the interest of the masses is its amazing ability to facilitate weight loss pill that work.

Yes, so we have established these acai berries are almost magical, but you may not readily find acai berry in your nearest grocery store.

For that reason it is generally much easier, and practical, to get these vital nutrients from supplements and drinks; you can then be assured you are getting the adequate dosages to reap all of the rewards and it is also much quicker and easier to fit into your on the go lifestyle. Pure Acai Berry is one such way you can jump start your weight loss and further be met with the host of other health benefits that these fruits touts.

Pure Acai Berry has been proven to give you a radiantly glowing skin tone, but you will be much healthier starting from the inside and then working its way out to then be visibly seen.

When taken, your total digestive tract and other organs will be flushed of all of the stored away toxins that have built up and accumulated due to our hectic schedules and everyday habits. In today’s modern times there are no shortages of pollutants that clog not only our pores but block up our insides. Yet with pure acai berry you can rid yourself of these existing poisons and wake up refreshed, more energetic, and very soon much lighter!
The Acai Berry Truth
Acai berry has received a great deal of hype in the media lately. Since discovered in the Amazon rainforest, this berry has been studied and praised for its high nutrient content. Because it is so hyped, it is important to separate acai berry truth from fiction. This tropical berry is about the size of a blueberry, dark purple in color, and grows on a palm tree. It is primarily seed and the fruit must be extracted using water agitation. The pulp is then made into juice or powder. There are acai berry juices, powders and supplement capsules sold in stores and online.

This berry contains vitamins that include vitamin A, C, E various B vitamins and more. It also contains minerals like magnesium, zinc and copper to name a few. It is rich in antioxidants such as anthocyanins, polyphenols and flavonoids, and even contains omega fatty acids. Plant sterols are also found in acai berry. With so many nutritional benefits it’s no wonder there are so many products on the market. However some make claims that are not necessarily true. One is that acai berry can cause you to lose weight. Another falsehood is that acai berry for weight loss was recommended by Oprah and Dr. Oz. While these celebrities DID talk about the benefits of acai, weight loss was not one of them and they do not endorse any products.

The acai berry truth is that there are supplements for weight loss containing acai extract, however they also contain other ingredients. These other ingredients speed the metabolism, burn fat and suppress the appetite. Acai is included for its nutritional value, and perhaps its marketability. When it comes to straight acai extract with nothing else added, especially if it is organic, there are really no known disadvantages to consuming it.
Acai Berry Study Results
There has been a lot of research done on acai berry. In this article we will take a closer look at acai berry study results. One such study was done by a team of researchers from Texas AgriLife and results were featured in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. The study used 12 people who consumed one serving of acai, with the goal of testing the absorption of nutrients and antioxidants by the body. The results showed that the body does absorb a significant amount of antioxidants from the acai, including anthocyanins. These are pigments that create the purple color of the berry. Acai berries also contain antioxidants called polyphenols and flavonoids.

The acai berry is about the size of a blueberry. It grows on tropical palm trees native to the Amazon, however these days it is cultivated in many different countries because of the demand for it. The berry is primarily seed, with only a small amount of fruit surrounding it. This is one of the things that makes acai so amazing, that so many nutrients are packed into such a tiny bit of fruit. Acai also contains many vitamins, minerals and even the same healthy omega fatty acids found in foods like wild salmon. The berry has a unique taste, which many describe as a blend of chocolate and red wine.

Acai berry study results are promising when it comes to the body and how it is able to utilize the antioxidants provided by the berry. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that cause cell damage. They may also help repair already damaged cells. There is no way to avoid free radicals, but consuming antioxidants helps reduce the amount of free radicals in the body. Combining a diet that contains acai berry with an overall healthy lifestyle can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

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